Majestic 12

Name: Majestic 12
AKA: MJ-12
Type: Secret Society
Structure: Cell based. 12 Cells.
Headquarters: Varies by Cell.
Size: Unknown.
Range of Influence: Unknown.
Leader: Varies by Cell. Identities Unknown.
Age: 79 years old (Founded October 6, 1947)
Goal(s): Limit Extraterrestrial influence on Earth.
Important Figures: Cell Leaders.
Power Types: Technology/Atlus.

Description: Majestic 12 was founded shortly after the now famous Roswell Incident as part of an Executive Order issued by US Pesident Harry S. Truman for the purpose of assessing and dealing with extraterrestrial threats to the United States. They were designed to operate in a self-autonomous state so that they could deal with extraterrestrial infiltrations of government agencies. Over time MJ-12 set up operations beyond American borders.

Cells: Majestic 12 is divided into twelve Cells which each serve a seperate function. Each is self-autonomous and lead by an individual referred to by the number for the Cell they lead.
Cell 1: Control. Cell 1 is the operational command for MJ-12. All communications between Cells are relayed through Cell 1 and all organization-wide orders originated from Cell 1. Headquarters: Unknown.
Cell 2: Containment. Cell 2 is focused on the recovery and termination of MJ-12 assests. They do whatever is necessary to keep MJ-12 and the existence of extraterrestrials a secret. This Cell will also purge other Cells which have been determined to have been contaminated by extraterrestrial influence. Each member of this Cell undergoes cosmetic surgery so that all members looks identical. Headquarters: Unknown.
Cell 3:
Cell 4:
Cell 5:
Cell 6:
Cell 7:
Cell 8:
Cell 9:
Cell 10:
Cell 11:
Cell 12: Biological Research. Cell 12 is responsible for studying the physiology of extraterrestrial races. They dertermine strengths and weaknesses as well as develop biological weapons (which includes hybrid soldiers). Headquarters: Dulce, New Mexico, Aztlan.

Hybrids: MJ-12, Cell 12 has developed and produced Alien/Human Hybrid Soldiers to combat extraterrestrials. Hybrids are utilized by all MJ-12 Cells. These hybrids are designated by Class and Type.
Class 1 Hybrids are normal humans who have had extraterrestrial DNA introduced into their systems. These hybrids are more time and cost efficient than Class 2 Hybrids, however they have high mortality rates (due to high rates of the alien DNA being rejected) and high rates of psychosis. Class 2 Hybrids do not pass on their extraterrestrial DNA to their offspring and are produced as both males and females.
Class 2 Hybrids have had alien and human DNA combined while in an embryonic state. Since these hybrids must be raised from infancy, they consume much more time and resources. They have much higher viability rates however, and are thus the most common hybrids. Class 2 Hybrids will pass on their extraterrestrial DNA to their offspring and are produced exclusively as females to minimize impact on the Earth’s gene pool in the event one goes rogue.
EPE Hybrids (Extra Physical Entity) are hybrids whose physical abilities have been augmented beyond human ability. They are faster, stronger, and more durable than any non-meta. They frequently have accelerated healing factors, ultrahearing, and low light vision; though infravision, ultravision, and shapeshifting abilities have been observed. These are the dominant hybrids utilized by MJ-12. They always have yellow irises which allow them to be identified from normal humans. EPE Hybrids are considered to have the Mutation power source.
EVE Hybrids (Extra Viseral Entities) are hybrids who have been granted psionic ability. Since the human DNA of these hybrids is taken from Atlus stock, they have peak human physical abilities as well. They always have purple irises which allow them to be identified from normal humans. EVE hybrids are considered to have the Psionic power source. Only two EVE hybrids have been produced to date, a Class 1 named Lilith who was sent to Cell 2 for termination and a Class 2 prototype which went rogue in the Everton area.

Technology: Majestic 12 has captured and reverse engineered various extraterrestrial technologies including, but not limited to: Directed Energy Weapons, Quantum Computer Processors, Anti-Gravity Generators, Cloaking Devices, Cold Fusion Reactors, and even FTL Drives. While these technologies are not as advanced as the extraterrestrial equivalents, they place MJ-12 as one of the most technologically advanced organizations on Earth.

Majestic 12

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