Therianthropes are a subspecies of Homo sapiens that have the ability to alter their bodies in such a way as to resemble humanoid animals. With very few exceptions, the majority of Therianthropes assume a mammalian beast form. Most Therianthropes discover the ability to change during high stress situations, with the most common ages being the early teens. Standard medical tests can detect whether or not a person has Therianthrope traits, and whether those traits will become active in their life, though they cannot identify what form they will take when they do.

Natural Therianthropy: The trait that defines a person as being a Therianthrope is recessive, meaning that while many people could have it, it’s only active in a small population. Therianthropes produce a variant of Adrenaline that the science community has ‘creatively’ called ‘Beta Adrenaline’. This chemical has the same function for Therianthropes as Alpha Adrenaline has for Baseline Humans, but it also allows the Therianthrope to assume their beast form. This is usually taxing however, as often they assume additional mass in this form (requiring high calorie diets to avoid collapsing as soon as they shift). Scientists are still unsure what defines a Therianthropes beast form, but they do note that familial lines commonly have very similar forms.

Supernatural Therianthropy: Also known as the Therianthropy Curse. This typically occurs when a Baseline Human is bitten by a Supernatural Therianthrope. It causes humans to start producing Beta Adrenaline in addition to Alpha Adrenaline, and the resultant chemical imbalance causes episodes of psychosis. Parascientists have confirmed that the Curse is magical in nature, and of ancient origin. Legends from around the world seem to indicate that certain Therianthropes used to prey upon Baseline Humans, and that at least one met a Human who was capable of laying down a curse on the species before dying. Natural Therianthropes cannot succumb to Supernatural Therianthropy through normal means, but it has been observed that they will gain it if they ever eat human flesh (it’s best not to ask how this was discovered).

Artifical Therianthropy: Still a theoretical proposition, certain genetics companies are hoping to activate dormant Therianthrope genes in humans, or use gene treatment to introduce them to Baseline humans. Of concern is the chemical imbalance that affects Supernatural Therianthropes do to the production of both Alpha and Beta Adrenaline, as well as the usual concerns over moral practices.


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