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  • Majestic 12

    *Name:* Majestic 12 *AKA:* MJ-12 *Type:* Secret Society *Structure:* Cell based. 12 Cells. *Headquarters:* Varies by Cell. *Size:* Unknown. *Range of Influence:* Unknown. *Leader:* Varies by Cell. Identities Unknown. *Age:* 79 years old (Founded …

  • Important Locations

    This is a list of important locations that exist within the game world. [[The Agora]] [[The Jabberwocky]] [[Pier-side Carnival]] [[Catherine Alexandria Elementary School]] [[Hyperspace]] [[Saint Nicholas High School]]

  • Hyperspace

    Hyperspace is a strange dimension which exists parallel to our own. Time travels at a dramatically increased rate in Hyperspace, as such is it advised to enter the realm at relativistic speeds or while in stasis to compensate. Years, decades, and even …

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